名词 劝诱,诱惑
  • qualities that attract by seeming to promise some kind of reward
  • anything that serves as an enticement
  • come on system 临时插入系统
  • come at 拜见,攻击,达到,得到
  • come by v. 1.经过,从旁边走过 2.来串门,来访 3.得到,获得
  • come to 1.共计 2.涉及 3.苏醒过来 4.被继承 5.达成 6.停住;下锚
  • come on to 开始;兴盛;对…轻薄,吃豆腐 [口语]调戏(某人);显得对(某人)动了情欲;挑动情欲:
  • come of v.出身于,由...引起 起源于,结果
  • come as vt.是
  • come with v. 1.伴随…发生;与…一起供给
  • come in on 参加,加入
  • come on in 进来吧!(这是比come in更随和友好的说法)
  • come on n. 劝诱,诱惑
  • come v.[I] 1.[come (to…) (from…)]来(指行动过程);[come (to…)]来(指到达);[come (to sth) (with sb) ]来(相聚或出席); [通常与现在
  • COME =Computer Output Microfilm Equipment 计算机缩微胶卷输出机
  • odd come shortly ad. 近日,近来
  • come from behind 后来居上
  • come at able a. 易接近的,易见面的,不远的
  • come hither a. 诱惑人的,吸引人的
  • odd come short n. 残余物,碎片,废物
  • ill come adj. 不受欢迎的
  • Johnnies come lately [ johnny-come-lately ]的复数形式